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Remote Patient Monitoring Specialist

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Remote Patient Monitoring Q&A

What Is Remote Patient Monitoring?

Remote Patient Monitoring is a system that utilized technology to allow your doctor to better care for you. Many patients have “White Coat Hypertension” such that when the come to the doctors office their blood pressures are elevated due to stress of anxiety. By allowing patients to take their blood pressure at home we can get more accurate readings of a patient’s blood pressure. This system also replaces the need for patients to write their blood pressure recordings down on paper and bring them to their doctor’s visit. With the rise of telehealth, this system allows for more meaningful conversations between you and your doctor regarding your chronic conditions.

How does Remote Patient Monitoring work?

Your doctor would identify you as a candidate for remote patient monitoring. At this time we are primarily focused on patients with High Blood pressure or Hypertension.

If you are a candidate for Remote Patient Monitoring, our office will provide you with a blood pressure cuff that is activated and connected to our office. Then you simply go home and take your blood pressure once per day. Once per month our doctors or staff will be in touch with you to review your blood pressure readings and if any changes are needed. It’s that simple!

Why should I enroll in Remote Patient Monitoring?

With Remote Patient Monitoring you no longer need to keep track of your blood pressure on pen and paper or through email. The system will automatically send all your readings to your doctor in real time. This allows your doctor to better monitor and manage your blood pressure. This could include reduction in medications if not needed. It also allows a better overall control of your blood pressure which will prevent disease down the road. By enrolling in a program like this you are taking a proactive step to better your health!

Who will be able to see my information?

Your information is transmitted by a HIPPA enabled device to our secure password protected platform. Only our medical office and staff will be able to see your blood pressure readings. We do not sell your data in any shape or form.

Is it covered by my insurance?

Yes! Currently the program is being covered by Medicare Insurance. We are hopeful that with time more private insurance will start to cover this program as well.