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Orthopedic Injections Specialist

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Orthopedic Injections Q&A

What is an Orthopedic Joint Injection?

An orthopedic joint injection is used to treat joint abnormalities and pain related to osteoarthritis and other inflammatory joint conditions. These injections are meant to help control pain and inflammation when other modalities are not helping. We utilize our musculoskeletal ultrasound specialist to help identify the precise location of damage and injection site. This allows for a more accurate treatment of your symptoms.

What is in the injection?

For most joint injections for arthritis pain, our injections have a combination of a numbing medication and an anti inflammatory medication. Additionally, we use Hyaluronic acid injections for patient sight chronic osteoarthritis knee pain. This combination of medications helps to control pain and also reduce inflammation. While the length of these effects varies from patient to patient, you can expect some relief quickly. Our injections contain a steroid. You should discuss more about the medications in the injection with our doctors before receiving an injection.

Do I need a joint injection?

Joint injections can be used for multiple reasons. Most patient will benefit from an injection when their pain is not controlled with oral medications. It is also helpful for patient who wish to avoid surgery currently and want to control their symptoms. Injections can also be helpful if trying to control symptoms while working with therapy or exercise programs.

Do you offer any other type of injections?

There are many different types of medications that can be used in an injection to treat joint abnormalities. Some of these injections have been tested and studied more than the newer ones. Our practice does offer Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections in a select group of patients that have failed other traditional treatments.