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Dr. Iqbal offers a concierge membership services to patients from in and around Agoura Hills, California. This service allows patients priority access to Dr. Iqbal and the wide variety of medical care and services provided.

Concierge Medicine Q & A

What is Concierge Medicine?

Concierge medicine is ultimately a health care partnership with your physician that provides instant access and personalized care for a membership fee. This allows the patient and the doctor to be in a more relaxed and unhurried environment, at the convenience of the patient. Convenience plays a huge factor as to the necessity of Concierge Medicine. Some patients are unable to see the doctor when they are available, rather the doctor now sees the patient when they are available. Dr. Iqbal’s concierge program at AFP Associates is designed for patients who need additional attentive care and constant access to their physician to manage their healthcare needs. For example, some of the patients who participate in this program include frequently traveling executives and patients with multiple and complex medical conditions who require coordination of care between various subspecialists and medical centers in the area.

What is Included in the Concierge Medicine Program

Participants in the concierge medicine program have access to a number of additional services and benefits including:

  • 24/7 Access to your physicians via cell phone, email, and text
  • Same day accommodations for appointments and acute care
  • Extended visit times allotted for complicated problems
  • Healthcare team coordination among multiple physicians
  • Telemedicine visits and phone consults and treatment for out of area patients

Participants also benefit from having a closer doctor-patient relationship with Dr. Iqbal. This allows the doctor to have a deeper understanding of each patient’s specific health needs and to have a higher alertness to changes in the patient’s wellbeing.Concierge patients have access to cutting-edge technology and advanced diagnostic testing modalities that Dr. Iqbal researches and brings to the office for the benefit of his patients.

Why Should I Join the Concierge Medicine Program?

Concierge Medicine is for the individual who wishes to take greater control of their health by actively participating in preventive care as well as benefiting from 24/7 access to Dr. Iqbal's expert care for any health needs. In the traditional doctor-patient model, care is typically episodic, occurring only when the patient feels unwell. Members of a concierge medicine program benefit from care that is more comprehensive and coordinated in its approach to the treatment of a patient’s specific issues and overall wellness. Patients who suffer from chronic disease can especially benefit from the additional attention, lengthier appointments and access available through a concierge arrangement.